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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Aussie comment of the day

...writes my favorite Australian columnist, Andrew Bolt,  about this euphemistically named talk-fest that has been advertised far and wide as taking place right in time for the Ides of March

I do not want to give these people additional publicity, but  one of the comments to Bolt's article  is soooooooo typical of the quintessential Australian sense of humour that I just could not resist it. (I'm always at a loss to "explain" the funny side of Australians with a ready example, because usually it's in the timing, the tone and between the lines, a bit too subtle for explanation). This one is more explicit and gives me hope that  feisty sanity will prevail in Australia, despite the recent shameful treatment handed out to Geert Wilders by our cowardly politicians.

Well Bolt's quasi obituary of that  islamic  "peace" conference, elicited this laconic Aussie comment:

"Oh dear, i was sooo looking forward to it, 
i had set my watch back 700 years and everything"

Billercay Dickie of FNQ 
Wed.13 Mar 2013

This Billy Connolly video is not for people who are easily offended,
 it features what they call  "strong language" ;)

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