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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why did Jerusalem apologise to Ankara?

I think  that someone might have  pushed Netanyahu to this grotesk act of contrition with something pretty heavy  and  Erdogan's "acceptance of this apology" reminds me of  that bad joke in which Hitler's last words are quoted as "I have forgiven the Jews".

But, while we might never know what Israel's Prime Minister was blackmailed with offered in return, I agree with  Daniel Pipes who writes:

"...The Israelis should not have apologized but should have demanded an apology from Ankara for its support to the terrorist-connected group that undertook this aggressive act..."

Caroline Click reminds us of the incident for which this "apology" was given:
"... the Mavi Marmara was a Turkish ship that set sail in a bid to break Israel’s lawful maritime blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza’s coastline. When Israeli naval commandos boarded the ship to interdict it, passengers on deck attacked them – in breach of international maritime law. Soldiers were stabbed, bludgeoned and thrown overboard. In a misguided attempt to show the good faith of Israeli actions, the naval commandos were sent aboard the ship armed with paintball guns. As a consequence, the soldiers were hard-pressed to defend themselves. In the hand-to-hand combat that ensued, nine of the Turkish attackers were killed.
The Mavi Marmara was an eminently predictable fight. The Turkish group that hired the boat was an al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkish NGO named IHH. In 1999, the Turkish government was so wary of IHH that it barred the group from participating in relief efforts following a devastating earthquake.
IHH’s fortunes shifted with the rise of its fellow Islamists in the AKP ..."

 I really do  hope that this preposterous "apology" was a tactical move by Netanyahu and that he has not lost his Chutzpah, encapsulated so well in this  little "exchange" after Obama's election:

Obama:  "Yes we can" 
Netanyahu: "No you won't"

But, somehow I fear that all that this further humiliation of Israel will achieve is to enable Erdogan to gloat, as he does already with those billboards appearing on the streets of Ankara:

The text on those billboards reads: "Israel apologized to Turkey.
 Dear Prime Minister, we are grateful that you let our country experience this pride."

And so,  the West's  enemies  continue to "con the world":

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