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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Et tu Angela Merkel ?

I used to  have quite some respect for the conservative German Chancellor, but not any longer. 

I wonder if Merkel will obey those who seem to pull her strings when they ask her to impose the wearing of the Yellow Star on the Jews who have increasingly returned to Germany. 

Like so many others, she has now joined the Harem of Political leaders who whore for Islam. In her New Years speech above, she explicitly incited hatred against her own people, the thousands and thousands of decent Germans who are holding peaceful marches in many cities in Germany. 

It started in Dresden, where they go under the name of PEGIDA = Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes  (Patriotic Europeans against the islamisation of the West).  It started with some 200 people walking peacefully through the wintry Monday evenings of Dresden and by December their number had increased to nearly 18,000 and the movement spread to many other German cities.

They marched because they  finally had enough of an increasingly  invasive and uncontrolled swamping of Germany by so-called "refugees" mostly from an aggressive culture; they had enough being  lied to by the petrol dollar fattened politicians and they were no longer willing to accept meekly the labels of  "Nazi, Racist,  Islamophobes and then some" simply for daring to be unfashionably patriotic  by a media which has long changed from  being the 4th Estate to acting like a 5th column.

You will find excellent coverage on PEGIDA in English at Gates of Vienna


Here are some links and comments explaining the possible "motivations" for the German Chancellor's siding with the Islamisers of the West, I thank Baron Bodissey from The Gates of Vienna for them, he writes: 

To understand at least part of the motivation for Merkel's choosing her New Year's address to focus so much on how she just hates hates hates PEGIDA and any other groups or individuals remotely like it:


It helps to remember that Qatari Royal Family is now directly invested in 5.8% of Deutschebank- and therefore the Euro - and they may be indirectly invested thru other Qatari Holdings companies:


AND, a couple weeks ago, Qatar began throwing its weight around - and Deutschebank is feeling pain - 


And Merkel needs to sell 200 Leopard Tanks to Qatar to help support local companies (Germans presumably aren't buying many themselves)


And more generally the increasing trends of European and German arm sales to Qatar and Islamic governments


So PEGIDA was a convenient target of opportunity for Merkel, for a cheap shot that might please DB investors based in Qatar. Generally immigration costs European countries (large numbers stay on welfare for their entire lives, and they remain unintegrated).  

But that doesn't prevent Germany's equivalent to the US Chamber of Commerce complaining about PEGIDA (similarities to the US situation are obvious...) 


The whole World Cup soccer (aka football) Qatar scandal, along with various protests against their treatment of, well, everyone, adds a bit of PR brinksmanship 


caption reads: Frau Merkel: "the people are here"

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