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Friday, 2 January 2015

President Hollande: does he know it's Christmas time at all?

The "President" did express his wishes for a Happy Noel
 to the French People, 
except that it was not the French President

The delightful French writer and courageous French patriot, Caroline Alamachère, writes about it in this Riposte Laique Article, some extracts of which I translate here: 

The Elysée sends wishes to the Muslims
 for their festival of "Aïd" Aïd-el-Fitre 
but very much ignores Noël.

He makes us ashamed
Let's sack him ! 

Today is the 26 December and yesterday was Christmas, a celebration to which the French are very attached, even the non-Christians. Christmas is a tradition and even if one is not keen on banquets and grand family feasts, it remains Christmas and a minimum of manners demands to wish happy Christmas to others. 

Especially if one is Head of State of a country of Christian and formerly of pagan culture. Christmas is Christmas, so there ! 

Yesterday, very politely, the president did wish us a happy Christmas, extending his wishes to the whole world, up to the pope, wow. Indeed the IRANIAN president, Hassan Rohani, has addressed his good wishes to all of us. That's polite.

On Twitter, a young woman is indignant about the silence from the Elysée: "I am muslim, I am shocked that he does not wish a happy Christmas !!! It's indecent! Happy Christmas to all !"

Another, more pragmatically concludes: "Unemployment: + 906,000 in 913 days. Francois Hollande and his government don't wish you a Happy Christmas! "

Concluding: we are the 26 December, yesterday millions of French have been ostentatiously ignored, despised, and their traditions have been trampled by a man, voted in by accident, on a misunderstanding, by a man who has never worked in his life, by a man who despises the poor, who openly mocks our compatriots as "Saint-Peter & Saint Michael-ettes", and more largely, has contempt for the French People.

Only to be polite, and also with a little bit of cynicism, I address my wishes for a happy Christmas to President Rohani. 

Caroline Alamachère

I will stand corrected but I think this is one way, or a part of the way the Muslim festival that President Francois Hollande feels worthy of sending his good wishes to is celebrated: 


Personally, I find this ^^^ very confronting and am somewhat amazed at the nonchalance with which the French President seems to feel it's more worthy of sending his good wishes too, than a tradition the French people hold dear, like Christmas:


Oh, and here is the delightful Caroline Alamachere, doing what she does so well: celebrating France, or what's left of it.


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