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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris Terror - the BDS connection

Sorry friends, while I will post several comments on the latest islamic terror visited on Paris, the self-loving hash-tag compassionistas, the please-vote-for-me politicians and the members of the "5th column" formerly known as the "4th Estate "have given you enough inanely predictable and sugary clich├ęs to make a diabetic of you, so I will forgo contrived sentimentality and insincere condolences. You may call me callous.

When the Islamic State finally claimed "responsibility" for the attacks (usually a sign that it's over for now) a friend skyped me with this astonishing theory: 

"Jewish people in France better batten the hatches. If true to form, these muslims will hit Jewish targets as well, just like they did with Charlie Hebdo and in Copenhagen. Both attacks went after Jewish targets shortly after the free speech/local attacks". 

So I went looking for a potential Jewish connection and found it via the Jewish Defence League here:

"Eagles of Death Metal, the band that played at the Bataclan on Friday night, where over hundred young people were massacred, had received previous threats from the BDS. They had played this summer in Tel Aviv.

Was that one of the 'reasons' why the attack was conducted against this auditorium that night?

Eagles of Death Metal

In any case, the International racist movement BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) had threatened the group at the time ... They had received dozens of couriers, emails and phone calls. Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli militants threatened the artists, sometimes with death.

BDS is a racist movement wishing  those who spread culture in Israel to suffer. On Friday night they succeeded.

Even Roger Water, the former Pink Floyd, had written to the group, demanding that they not play at the  Barbi Club (Tel Aviv).


Not that islamic terrorists need any excuse to kill and maim, but their apologists might cite the following two points as a "reason" for the barbarity: 

- The  Bataclan  is owned by a Jewish entrepreneur.

- The Bataclan is a theatre that is regularly threatened by anti-Semitic pro-Palestinians because it hosts an annual celebration in honour of Israel's border guards (Magav).

More about one of the specific threats against the Bataclan in my next post. (We are just sub-titling the relevant video). 

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