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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Postcard from Merkel's "new Germans"

Frau Merkel:  Je vous ACCUSE !

Are you, Frau Merkel, proud of yourself, offering Germany up to this kind of - euphemistically referred to as - "people"?

Are you, Frau Merkel,  proud of enlisting the "online-services" of a former Stasi to hunt down German Patriots who dare disagreeing with you because they fear for their country?

Are you, Frau Merkel, proud of hunting down and prosecuting these German Patriots (eg PEGIDA) for "hate speech" while flooding German soil with the real haters?

I feel sick, literally SICK - not so much because of the message delivered in this moronic sing-song-whine of the Allah-u-Akbarists (we have learnt to expect death threats from these vermin nowadays),  but I am close to vomitting because they deliver this crap  in accent-free German. 

So they are obviously  2nd or 3rd generation "German-born" Turks/Arabs/ and assorted non-Germans. And this is the foundation upon which Frau Merkel has now built the scaffold on which to sacrifice my native country and that of Goethe, Schiller, Heine?!

I don't know exactly  to what  nasty piece of string-puller Merkel offers Germany on a platter, but I know that Germany does not deserve her nor it. 

Pfui Frau Merkel, Pfui ! 

If you are really interested in the "words" 
(you really cannot call these dogerell efforts "lyrics"), 
you will have to stop the video from time to time, as the sub-titles pass very fast.  
H/T for the video to: Bare Naked Islam

One does need a deep cleanse  after so much effluent. And I have just the cleanser we need:  The lyrics that bring  us  this part of German mythology (do google "Loreley") were written by Heinrich Heine (yes,  do google him too).



  1. Unfortunately I understood every word in that first video and turned in off about half way.

    Die Lorelei, I thought I had forgotten the 2nd verse but managed to sing with it. The 3rd verse I was never taught.
    Thank you that was beautiful.

    1. :) The first "song" brought to you by that Trojan Horse that is Islam, the second thanks to a wonderful German Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine who, from his exile in Paris wrote - even then: "Denk' ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht" (If I think of Germany during the night, Sleep evades me).

      P.S.: Not teaching you the 3rd verse of "Die Loreley", they might have wanted to protect your young minds from the sad end all those fishermen encountered, bewitched as they were by this German siren.