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Monday, 16 November 2015

Paris Terror: Nothing to do with Islam?

I recommend you keep a vomit bucket at the  ready while LISTENING to 'their' message here or READING the written version below. If you have a strong stomach, you could listen and read that EveryThingToDoWithIslam testimony at the same time: 

And now to the  Sounds of Silence from their ^^^ moderate brothers and sisters: 

Caption reads: 
"Moderate" Muslims of France march en masse in the streets of Paris
to denounce the islamist terrorist attacks of Friday 13 November 2015
and as a sign of solidarity with the victims.  



  1. I was going to post something.....better not.......

    I ran into a "limit"

    ....."Your HTML cannot be accepted: Must be at most 4,096 characters"

    For the long-winded radicals, this will not do.

    Bon soir.

    Don Laird

  2. Dear Don Laird. The driver of this bus - as far as word- and other limits are concerned - is Big Brother, in this case Herr Blogger, I'm just the "Tourist Guide" and one who can justifiably be described as a luddite ;)

    Pity, because I really love reading your "take-no-prisoner" comments, at VladTepes and Winds of Jihad.