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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Emmanuel Macron, next French President ?

I hope not !!!

Here is just a little snippet, or rather a little "ear full" of him, Macron who represents the System that planted him there perfectly... rumours of "Sorros" persist and he has the support of the whole finance world plus the blessing of Obama.  

Marine Le Pen is truly the David in this fight against a combination of Goliath/Hydra. 

He met his Drama Teacher when he was 15 and she was some 25 years older.

Macron's parents where aghast but  decided not to complain to the police about the teacher’s relationship with their son. (They could have, because, although the age of consent in France is 15,  for those involved with teachers or carers it is 18.)

Anyway, teacher and student married an - apparently - lived happily ever after. However, looking at his performance below, I don't know if she was a bad drama teacher or if he was a bad student. 

Have a look at his  "when-in-doubt-SHOUT-performance" below  Personally I think he should keep to this day job, which, I fervently hope, against all the prevailing predictions, will not be "President of France" !

I wonder what  the young girl in yellow behind him thought of his performance.....

Antidote needed ! 

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