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Sunday, 23 April 2017

French Presidential Elections 2017

Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus (*)

The polls have opened for the first round of the 2017 French Presidential Elections which will be disputed today by the 11 candidates below. Should no candidate reach a majority (which is most likely) the top two candidates will go to a second and decisive round on May 7. 

My birthday wish list has gone to my French friends, some hailing from the Left, one even a self-proclaimed "Anarchist". It was a very short list: 

"This hear for my birthday I want YOUR VOTE FOR MARINE LE PEN". 

To say that I'm no expert is probably stating the obvious, but that has never stopped me from giving my opinion (even unsolicited) and so, here are a few random comments (incl. videos) of those who might yet beat Marine Le Pen to the post of President. 

1. The Media Darling and hot (if manufactured) favourite: Emanuel Macron, seen here with one of his very early official "supporters", the mother of Still-President Hollande's 4 children. 

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron , a  former investment banker, was  born 21. 12. 1977 in Amiens, France. He married his English Teacher, 25 years his senior. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, he joined President Hollande as  Finance Minister. After a couple of not very glamourous years, he "suddenly" left. Simple folk, like myself, considered that rather ungrateful, not to say disloyal to President Hollande who obviously had given him such a chance. A short time later he reappeared at the head of a new "movement" calling it "En Marche" ( which I would translate as "lets go" or "forward"). The initials of "En Marche" are the same as his own: Emanual Macron.

When he announced that he would be running for president, the people who came out supporting his candidature were all the usual Suspects, possibly including Soros and Obama. The United Fake News  ran at least 3 to 4 title pages on him and his wife every day...He seemed to have a way with mature ladies (note to self: dont call them cougars), complimenting Merkel on her  destructive open borders policy, but when even Segolene Royal, the mother of President Hollande's 4 children came out in his support, I started smelling a fish.  Would all this have been a charade, and had the "coup" been planned long before?  But who is the puppet master ? Some of the people surrounding him seem to be very close to the Salafist form of Islam and other Islamists and he certainly seems to be an enthusiastic Multi-Culturalist. The "real French people" for him are this:

*Sigh* Oh Dear

Next, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, born in Tangier International Zone in 1951, whom I consider a real danger for France. He launched his new party "La France Insoumise" - Unsubmissive France - in February 2016.  But, if  his surging poll numbers are to be believed, he has a serious chance of winning this election. 

With his love for South American Dictators, someone called him "the Camenbert version of Chavez" the other day. He left the Communist Party of France, considering their direction not "left" enough. With his populist Leftism, in one of his election rallies in Marseille he called for a minute of silence in memory of the victims, not for the ones massacred by a Muslim in Nice, just a few miles up the road, not for the ones of the Bataclan, but for the victims of the people smugglers. He does not like "Whites", is certainly not fond of "Jews", approves of the thugs who are calling for the killing of cops, and asserts that ISIS, Catholics and Jews practice the same fundamentalism...

I fervently hope that the huge number of  those who apparently intend to vote for him are just as ficticious as his soi-disant "popularity" on social media: 

And while we are still on the Left  I might just mention, in passing, another far left candidate, the trade unionist, Philippe Poutou who thought it very "macho" to wear a T-shirt during one of the TV debates rather than shirt and tie.... ho-hum.  

Philippe Poutou

However, it's not his attempt at originality which rates him a mention here, but  his demand for "Coppers to be disarmed". And while hatred for Police is nothing new on the Left, the fact that he demanded this while Xavier Jugelé's body was not yet cold, made this demand obscene.  

Xavier Jugelé

Xavier Jugelé was the young police man, killed on the Champs Elysées by a Muslim just a couple of days ago. 

Last Monday the president of the Front National spoke in a meeting at the Zenith in Paris.

More than 6,000 people were at the rendezvous, having braved the gatherings of a hundred violent, extreme-left thugs, antifa style, whose violence  then set fire and blood to the district ... 

For excellent French News and News about France I recommend: 

TV Libertés:  who will bring live coverage and analyses of the results from 9 PM Paris Time zone. 

Résistance Républicaine  who are just informing their readers that there is some sabotage happening with the vote bulletins for Le Front National (Marine Le Pen's Party)

And for the non-French speakers: 

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