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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Who gassed the Children of Syria yet again ?

Yesterday, when  I first heard that  "Assad has gassed children yet again" I knew it was a lie, just like last time, see here  and  here. But when President Trump bombed Syria "in response to the photos of these poor children" I asked a friend who knows more than I, what this was really about, he skyped  me: 

"Deep state has turned Trump around. Either he does what they say or he loses the presidency all together Trump’s choice is, get to do a few things he wants, or nothing.Watch Season 6 of Homeland. SERIOUSLY . Get it, watch it."

The blackmail power of this  swampy "Deep State" must be quite powerful to make Trump buckle under its weight. I'm disappointed, of course, because I really wanted Trump to do better for longer. This episode puts him close to becoming a loser because: if he really fell for the story of "Assad has gassed the children again (when it was proven that he had not in the first place) and he must go", then he is very very very naive and this just won't do for a POTUS, however, should he know that it was not Assad and yet play along with the charade, then he is more cynical than Machiavellian and quasi complicit in the horrific death of these children and the ones that will no doubt follow.  

Paul Joseph Watson, once again, puts it well, or at least in a way that is very close to my own understanding: 

Those who want Assad out of the way are more or less the same that eliminated Saddam and Gaddafi, and they have obviously not given up the hope for a trifecta.

And yes, I think Israel is among them - but their motivation is understandable, because for the Jews the threat is existential. Iran is not even disguising  their desire to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth and yet they are the ones supporting Assad. (For easy access to Israel I wonder? because it certainly couldn't be for the religious tolerance he shows to other religions). 

I just wish that Israel, Russia, and, under Trump the US could have combined to protect Syria from this unholy trinity: the Shiite Mullahs of Iran, the Salafist wannabe World Rulers from Saudi Arabia/Qatar and Adolf Erdogan. 


And "Black Pigeon Speaks" is, despite his quaint pseudonym a serious voice, well worth listening to:

Some say: "Politics is Show business for Ugly People", others say "There is no Business like Show business".......

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