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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Marine Le Pen to shut down Mosques and deport "Fiches S"

The French call political rallys "meetings" and this always makes me smile, because with their georgeous accents it sounds like "meettingue".  Her is a short extract from the "meeting" Marine Le Pen held in Nice, on the 27. 4. 2017.  The sentence that does it for me, totally, is this one: 

"Give me ONE reason, ONLY ONE, to keep on our territory foreigners who collaborate with a totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French!!!"

Many thanks to Gates of Vienna and to Vlad Tepes 

Some information about  those "Fiches S" (translated in this video as "S-Files") taken from Wikipedia:

In France, a fiche "S"  is an indicator used by law enforcement to flag an individual considered to be a serious threat to national security. The "S" stands for Sûreté de l'État ("state security"). It is the highest level of such a warning in France; it allows surveillance but is not cause for arrest. 

In 2015, the then  French Prime Minister Manuel Valls claimed there were 20,000 people in France tagged with a fiche "S", including 10,500 suspected of being Islamic radicals. 

Notable individuals who have been flagged with fiche "S" include:

Yassin Salhi, the perpetrator of the first islamic decapitation on French soil, the June 2015 Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack, in which he decapitated his boss. Salhi was flagged with a fiche "S" in 2006, but the alert was not renewed in 2008.

Mohamed Merah, the perpetrator of the Toulouse and Montauban shootings in 2012, was given a fiche "S" in 2006. (I wrote about it at the time)

Amedy Coulibaly, the main suspect for the January 2015 Montrouge shooting, also had a fiche "S" that was not renewed.

Sid Ahmed Ghlam, who was charged with the murder of Aurélie Châtelain and of plotting terrorist attacks on two churches.

Ayoub El Khazzani, the suspect in a attempted mass shooting on a train that was foiled by passengers in August 2015, had a fiche "S" after the French were alerted by Spanish authorities that he was moving to France.

And the latest islamic terrorist who had a fiche "S" was the killer of the young police man,  Xavier Jugélé, last week, on the Champs Elysees: 

Xavier Jugélé

That very same night, the body of the slain policeman was not yet cold, some Antifa style "youth" calling themselves "The Night of the Barricades" chanted at the  Place de la Bastille (Paris):

"Si t'es fière d'être fiché S tape dans tes mains"....

And no, I don't think that  these offensive morons will vote for Marine Le Pen...

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