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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Muslim Brotherhood votes for Macron

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They have had you ! 

Emmanuel Macron's "movement" is called "En Marche" (which I would translate as "on the March"). Some 10 days ago, Marine Le Pen warned the French People that, should Macron become President of France, this will mean "Islamism En Marche" and "Communitarianism En Marche". ..

Like so often, she was right. Yesterday came the Order from the Grande Mosque of Paris to vote "massivement" (massively) for Macron.

This is my translation of the Article published yesterday in Le Figaro, a conservative French broadsheet: 
Hat TiResistance Républicaine

The grande mosque of Paris calls to vote "massively" for Macron

The grande mosque of Paris today called on Muslims "to vote massively" for the candidate of En Marche! Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election, "which promises to be decisive for the destiny of France and its religious minorities."

"It seems that all French must imperatively remain united in facing the reality of the threat incarnated by xenophobic ideas dangerous for our national cohesion," was the message from  the flagship for the institution of Islam who has been in the French capital for 90 years, without naming the candidate FN candidate, Marine Le Pen.

In a statement, "the grande mosque of Paris and its national federation call on the Muslims of France to vote massively for the candidate Emmanuel Macron who, respecting the republican values ​​and the strict application of the principles of secularism, embodies the way of Hope and confidence in the spiritual and civil strenghts  of the nation ".

The French Council of Islam (CFCM), representative body of the second religion of France (four to five million faithful, 2,500 mosques) to which the grande mosque of Paris belongs, might also give directives before the 2nd tour of the election "in view of the exceptional situation," said its president Anouar Kbibech.

The official recalled on Monday that the office of the CFCM had asked for a meeting with Emmanuel Macron before the first round but that he had not done the same with Marine Le Pen, "which is revealing," he noted .

On the eve of the first round, the Muslim Movement of France (ex-UOIF aka Muslim Brotherhood) had spoken out against "the irresponsible ideas and statements of Mrs. Le Pen", which "divided the national community" Source and original article

Macron - M. Coran - MaCron - M. Coran 

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