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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Le Front National fights Jew Hatred

And they are still calling Marine Le Pen and "Le Front National"  anti-Semitic among other things!!!

What does a girl have to do!!!  In an oedipal Tragedy of Greek proportions, Marine Le Pen distanced herself and the party from her father  for his perceived  anti-Semitic tendencies. He might have them - but no more so  than your Mr. French Average and certainly to a far lesser extent  than those who make up  the islamophile, socialist Government of François Hollande or the members of the Government that will follow (largely the same), if the media-manipulated French vote for Emanuel Macron.  This spiritual son of Hollande  was enthusiastically endorsed by the whole  Muslim community, including the Muslim Brotherhood, who are not really known for their love of Jews.  (See yesterday's post)

I will present some of Macron's closer circle to you between now and the 2nd Tour, but here I would like to show you a video from a couple of years ago. Recorded on November 28, 2014, it shows you the spirited defence of Israel and the Jewish people from  the Deputy Gilbert Collard, MP of Marine Le Pen's party, against a resolution proposed by the Socialists, to recognise the Palestinian State, unilaterally, right there and right now !  "You embrace Hamas, terrorism and hatred" said Mr. Gilbert Collard MP, who - I understand - is close to Marine Le Pen. 

Being so decisively pro-Israel and pro-Jewish does not get you the electoral advantages  in France as will  schmusing the Islamic votes, but I think that it is  the symbolism that  motivates Marine Le Pen, a symbolism and motivation I can happily live with. 

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