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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Brussels and Islam:

This is a 30 minute video, possibly stretching the attention span of some of you a little  too far, but give it a try and see if you can avoid getting hooked on what  Stefan Molyneux has to say, it's worth listening to, believe me ! 

This Socialist Party Member and Retired Longtime Molenbeek Mayor, Philippe Moureaux, seems to be a "multi-tasker", being a  sponsor of Molenbeek’s IS branch and a Jew-Hater (*) at the same time, but then the both go togeter anyway.  In January 2015 he said: 

“Many have an interest in dividing us….Unfortunately, these people can be found everywhere . There is a contagion of the problems of the Middle East, in the Near East, the Israeli-Palestinian problem, which leads to some having an interest in provoking local disagreements, like a reflex to what happens over there…..it will be said that it is coming from both sides. But it is obvious that they are trying to create hatred for Arabs here in the West, in order to justify the policies of the state of Israel, policies that appear unacceptable to me”.  (see @ Minute 9.10 approx in the video)

As Stefan Molyneux says at Minute 24.03:  

"...It's not that complicated what's going on, you just have to listen..." 


AK in Toronto has sent in  this  correction and combined it with a little glance into the past of Brussels.

"Stefan Molyneux said that the Maelbeek station was in Molenbeek, but it's not - 
it's near the EU headquarters - quite a different area.

In fact the Maelbeek station is quite near where I used to live in my younger days, an area that was all torn down for the EU's growth. The apartment we lived in was right across from Parc Léopold. I went to school in the Lycée Jacqmain in the Parc, which used to be a scientific centre where in 1927 there was a Solvay conference attended by Marie Curie and Einstein, among others. There is a photo of them on the steps there with many others.

Still don't have a round up of all my relatives in Brussels.... sigh."


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