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Friday, 25 March 2016

The UN stands ACCUSED

Kay Wilson, who survived a brutal Palestinian terror attack which claimed the life of her friend in 2010, slammed the UN Security Council for relentlessly singling out Israel for condemnation. (Source)

Palestinian Terror Survivor, Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson calls on the UNHRC  to stop going after Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East, where Arabs and other minorities enjoy full civil rights.

Since its establishment in 2006, the so-called "Human Rights Council" has adopted 61 resolutions condemning Israel, compared with 73 against all other countries combined.

It has continuously turned a blind eye to the slaughter of Christians at the hands of Islamic extremists, a bloody civil war in Syria that has claimed more than half a million lives, North Korea’s nuclear missile program and countless other human rights abuses because it’s main raison d'être seems to be the demonisation of  Israel.

Is anyone who has a smidgen of decency in their bones, and knows how to spell "Justice" surprised by the virulent lack of even basic Ethics at the UNHRC that so-called "HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL" when they have a look at some of their members:

In alphabetical order:







Saudi Arabia, 

United Arab Emirates

Here  is Kay Wilson, speaking on the same subject, but with more details, and turning her back to  the UN.

As a tax payer in Australia, I personally resent the fact that I finance such an organisation and I am quite embarrassed by the Kama Sutra-like contortions our political leaders force themselves into, kissing the feet (and -anatomiclly- even a little higher up) of those  who "call the shots" at the  UN,  in order to be "accepted" into the dark heart of this organisation. 

I want the UN not only disbanded, but indicted for (at best) protecting and sponsoring some of the worst Human Rights violators and, if that cannot happen, then I would be semi-satisfied with a  transfer of  their HQs to Tehran or thereabouts.  

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  1. The UN grew out of a fantasy of a world without conflict, the only way to achieve that goal is to change humanity to the point we are no longer human.