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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Palestinians v. Israel: a metaphor

A strange, if not grotesque  little dance was performed by this rather ugly  unattractive  "Palestinian" muslima. 

The background noise in the video  seems to be a radio program: two people speaking generically about manifestations and so on. Someone is filming the actions of the Muslima  and I can only speculate about her motivation: 

I think she certainly tried to wipe Israel from the face of this memorial to victims of an islamist terrorist attack, their  bodies not yet cold. 

Originally it was  suggested the muslima  tore the Israeli flag to shreds  and then hid it away, under another flag while positioning  a Palestinian flag in prominence. 


The next  video, however,  shows  that the  Palestinian Muslima had not torn up the Israeli flag, but simply knotted it  (what she probably thought of as) "into oblivion".  And now again, the following comments come from a place of speculation: 

1. That  gargoyle-lookalike  wanted to prove that Palestinian Islam is a "religion of peace, love and tolerance"  and their flag - bigger than the others on that memorial - was to prove it. 

2. She did not want the world to see, that Israel and the Jews  too were commemorating the victims of Islamic terrorism;  after all, they know quite a lot about it  from bitter experience and their solidarity with such victims does carry some weight. 

3. She attempted to tear the Israeli flag before hiding it away, but was stopped by the quality of the material  typical of  products "made in Israel".  


In rides the proverbial knight  on the white charger and  rescues the Israeli flag, and this, dear friends is hopefully a good  omen !


in the words of John Keats: 

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know


An interesting article on the subject of: 

"When will the world realize that Islamic terror has nothing to do with Israel?"

Update: h/t vladtepes

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