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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pope or creepy fetishist?

Yes, I know,  Jesus did wash the feet  of his disciples, but: 

a) - HIS humility was genuine (not staged for the cameras) and practical, since walking around in sandals on dirt roads all day, it was a custom of the  time  to have one's feet washed, usually by the lowliest of servants. 

b) - although not well versed in the  Bible, I don't think  the holy book  stipulates that the occupier of St. Peter's throne should s n o g the feet after washing them especially those of women and Muslims as this darling of the media and imams does.  

I have a feeling that even the snogees were rather embarrassed. 

This caricature appeared on  Riposte Laique

Here is an article, introduced and published by Robert Spencer's "Jihad Watch" which is far more objective than I will ever be, and which explains why the "Pope" should never have "kissed" the feet of muslims.

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