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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Another day, another Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam terrorist attack

A measure of how much I have come to distrust the Main Media, complicit with politicians' lies is the fact that I go first to places like the  Vlad Blog, Gates of Vienna, Résistance, Riposte or Robert Spencer's JihadWatch  to check when "not-yet-explainable-explosions" occur and crowds are gathered around dying folk. That morning, while we were still being told that it was "just a few gas balloons that had exploded in a concert venue in Manchester U.K." I indulged in a little islamophobia and pulled the trigger: "It was Islam and its apologists who did it, one way or another" - I asserted - "should the official news that it was gas balloons exploding accidentally which caused the accident prove true, then the stampede that followed and killed will have occurred because of the many preceding "explosive"attacks the West has suffered since 9/11 that had everything to do with Islam ! "

Why is anyone "surprised" that Jihadis target children? 
It's what they do !

At the time Stefan Molyneux from Canada and Andrew Bolt from Australia recorded the comments in the videos below only brave public voices like theirs dared naming explicitly what those of us, who observe, knew immediately but what those who have the blood of these children on their hands are denying still, even now, by refusing to even pronounce the word ISLAMIC terrorist attack. 

Found on twitter: 

The most successful recycling effort ever are the banalities that followed each Islamic terrorist attack; in New York, Bali, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin and now Manchester.   The shameless repetition of clichés that were empty the first time round have now become toxic and the longer they condemn us to dwell in mushroom land, the sharper will be the blades of the guillotines (do I mean that metaphorically?) that await our cowardly "leaders" in politics, media and judiciary.

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