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Sunday, 21 May 2017

France calling the Maghreb

The Maghreb is beautiful: 
Stay There !

Is this, perhaps, also a  message to Ex-President Hollande's Education Minister, Balkazem,  she of "dual nationality" who did away with the classics (such as Greek and Latin)  for French students, and introduced obligatory Arabic instead, to be taught by Imams from her native Maghreb, starting at primary school level. Of course, to benefit from Koranic  indoctrination, you have to understand Arabic, so, better get there before these damn French 'unbelievers' was perhaps the motivation of the minister - whom some have named as  "the worst education minister in the history of France". 

You may perhaps remember this video which showed the kind of  "music" lessons given to French children in France under the reign of the above Minister of Education.

I just want to repeat once more: the above "lesson" is given in a French school, in France (Brest). 


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