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Friday, 19 May 2017

French Presidential Election - the Aftermath

The mise en scène that night of Emmanuel Macron's victory of the 2017 Presidential Election - Beethoven's  European anthem, the reassuringly (well controlled)  proportional distribution of French and European flags - an adoring HugeMassesOfFrenchPeople *) AND a setting to die for, did have a whiff of the Leni Riefenstahl about it, and the Media coverage definitely did come from the Goebbels' school of Propaganda.

And yet, and yet: even watching it only on the screen I had to fight melting away when looking at this lonely, long walk by the just freshly minted new President of France: he looked so vulnerable, so lonely, so huggable......

(*) "You know, there were not nearly as many people there as it seemed on camera" commented Me. Goldnagel  later - he was there ! 

Christine Tasin, director of Resistance Republicaine and one of the bravest French patriots sent out a cris du coeur that very night part of which I translate here: 

Road map for the Resistance, just one choice: 
War or France will be the 58th Muslim country

Friends of the Résistance Républicaine, we are all very disappointed, very anxious about the future, but none of us is alone. Lets resist, more than ever.Because we have no choice.I am an incurable optimist. That is what I have been saying for decades.I am not a coward and I have been taking the risks associated with my Islamophobic commitments, my commitments as a whistle blower, without blinking for more than a Decade. Risks of aggression that can go as far as death, legal risks, risk of ruin, of prison .. I accept them. France is well worth it.

And yet, for the first time in twelve years that I am fighting against Islam, I am afraid.

I am afraid for our grandchildren, carefree, full of desire to live, laugh, love.

I am afraid that, little by little, they will be driven out of our towns, our villages, reduced to scanty portions of territory in a universe that is in the hands of Muslims, just as were the Christians of the East in Iraq, Lebanon, in the Balkans ...

I am afraid that they will no longer have the right to read Molière, Olympe de Gouges, Simone de Beauvoir ...I am afraid our little girls will soon be forced to wear the veil and lower their eyes

I am afraid for this freedom of speech which has made me an unbridgeable Voltairian. I am afraid for the freedom to be a woman and equal to man.

I fear for our people, victims of positive discrimination, reduced to be penniless in the streets that have been offered to the barbarians.

I am afraid for our people, reduced to work for 500 euros per month, following branch and enterprise agreements, as, when one is threatened with relocations and unemployment, one is ready to everything.
Even to starve.
I am scared. And the worst is that tonight, millions of Frenchmen with open eyes are afraid. Are terrorised.
We are scared. But must we give up, weep and keep silent?
Should we, nevertheless, acquiesce?
No, we must keep in mind, at every hour of the day and night, this phrase of René Char, illustrious resistant and poet:

Acquiescence illuminates the face. 
Refusal gives it beauty. 

Fear does not save us from danger.

We must not, we can not accept the result of today's vote as a fatality, something inescapable against which we can do nothing.

First, because the election of Emmanuel Macron is the result of a mock democracy. An election not by adhesion but by manipulation and the creation of an irrational fear.

How can one respect this? Respecting and accepting this would be like accepting Petain and the France he sold to the Nazis.

The French did not choose Macron, Macron and his supporters chose to smoke out the French and make them disappear. We can not lie down there. We can not be silent. We can not sit idly by. Certainly, some will be tempted by exile. But where to go?

Islam is advancing all over the planet.
And then, going into exile means renouncing, without fighting,without defending our country and wrest it from the hands of the bastards, dictators and manipulators of all kinds.

Alors, quoi faire ? So, what to do ?

Here is the first leaf of the road map I propose to the Resistants, the patriots:
We do not relax our commitment, our activism until the legislative elections. There must be a maximum of elected FN members in the chamber.

These elections, like what we have seen for 6 months now, are going to be an unspeakable mess. 

The unspeakable brothel which are going to be the multiple agreements, reconciliations, maneuvers, and the humiliating spectacle of postulants from the LR and PS eager to share in the cake, some joining "En Marche" (Macron's Movement), others still hoping in vain for a resurrection of the dead.

We give up nothing, we work more than ever without letting tonight's result destroy us, as discouraging as it is.

Here follow some specific instructions addressed to the French patriots which I will not translate  as they  all read French, see the the original article here.

More than ever, prepare yourself, mentally, physically ... War is at our doorstep. Alas. If the Macron projects revealed in Macronleaks are right, millions of migrants will be welcomed and naturalised, it will mean the repeal of our 1905 law (separation of Religion and State) , it will be the nationalisation of mosques.; and we all know what that means.

Courage to all of us, we are millions

Christine Tasin
For the office of
Résistance Républicaine

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