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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

R.I.P. Brave Woman of Calais

Pierre Cassen founder of Riposte Laique and Christine Tasin, director of Résistance Républicaine wrote today: 

It was with much sadness that we learned today of the death of Simonne Héricourt.  

The patriots had met her in Rungis on February 7, 2016 where she touched  patriotic France by describing, in simple words, the reality of the daily life for the Calaisians, in their city invaded by thousands of - too often aggressive - illegals.

That Sunday afternoon, the public, who listened to Simonne in silence were captivated by the incredible force of her testimony. They were upset, when,  at the end of her speech, she announced that she, a Forever-Calaisian, would be expelled from her house in the coming weeks.  At a time when the French authorities were wasting billions welcoming  illegal immigrants, mostly single Muslim men, this could not pass. A collection  was organised, under the leadership of Philippe Gibelin, president of "La France Rebelle", which  thanks to the solidarity of the French people,  found the funds necessary to avoid the expulsion of Simonne from her home.

All the friends of Riposte Laïque and Republican Resistance will have a thought for this woman who had not needed to do long studies in order  to think right, and speak real. 

The funeral of Simonne Héricourt will take place on Monday 8 May, at 11 am, at the crematorium of Dunkerque.

Her wish, transmitted by her son Alexandre, was that as many friends as possible  accompany her to her last resting place. Let her be heard.

Pierre Cassen and Christine Tasin

I wrote about Simonne Héricourt then and in my mind she will always remain "that brave Woman of Calais".  I'm sure that many of the nearly million viewers who watched the video will remember her too.  


  1. This is what is largely ignored by the MSM and politicians - the affect of 'migrants' on the local population...a living nightmare for too many. Will it ever end?