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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Marine lost a battle but not the war ...

“La France sera dirigée par une femme. Ce sera moi ou Madame Merkel”

 France will be ruled by a woman. This will be either me or Madame Merkel...

...thus spoke  Marine Le Pen  after noting, correctly,  that Macron is a danger for France (not only but also) because of his total submission  to Angela Merkel. (Looking at the demographic of his most passionate supporters, 'submission' must have been  his  secret weapon in acquiring that  harem of post-menopausal females ....yes I know: Miauuuuuuuu). 

Unfortunately I fear it will be Merkel....The Horror ! The Horror ! And so I will drown my sorrows tonight, in a glass or two of that lovely Australian Merlot for I worry about the future of France and hence Europe.

That "great last debate" before the election is traditionally  a decisive factor in who will be the next French President. While the French media, a main part of the  Leftist System Machine would declare their chosen candidate, Emmanuel Macron, the Winner of the debate  no matter what (*),  I think that, unfortunately,  this time they will be proven  right.

Emmanuel  Macron fought dirty, interrupting his adversary ALL the time with nasty, repeated ad hominems of the "You are lying....My French Country deserves better than you....You are not worthy...you don't know what you are talking about..... " kind and, unfortunately Marine Le Pen fell into the trap too often, by responding to the often quite defamatory sniping. Someone must have advised her to "go for the jugular " and she tried, but she just doesn't have that nasty bone in her and her "Bitch"  impersonation was poor, it's just not in her nature (she is a generous Leo). 

Macron, however, seemed to be a natural when it came to bitchiness: He even went as far as accusing Marine Le Pen of "homophobia", she who chose an openly gay vice-president. He also called her an anti-semite, he who is sponsored by the the most militantly Jew-hating branches of Islam in France, Qatar, Algeria etc. 

My only hope is that, usually, when I fear that my candidate will lose, s/he usually wins.

Prosit !

Breaking News: 

Jayyyyyy !!!! There is hope for Marine Le Pen yet ! The Envoy of the Muslim Brotherhood has just ridden in on his charger .....

Lets hope the predictable support from Obama for Emmanuel Macron will do the same thing for France that his "intervention" against Brexit did for England. 

YUK ! 

Here is the link to the entire debate with English voice-over.

(*) Just a little glimpse of the affection that exists between Emmanuel Macron the French media. Here you see a little video clip (from TV Libertés)  where one of the Doyennes of French State TV squeezes the hand of her young protégé before a panel discussion. She is quite typical for the supporters of Macron: Politically well connected, State Media, peri-menopausal female (despite her very youthful twitter a/c picture...yes I know: miauuu) and, of course, hailing from  what the French call "The Champagne Left". 

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