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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Big Finance Rules France: 3rd time lucky

The Class of 2017

The new Macron-Philippe Government

Gouvernement Macron-Philippe : les traîtres récompensés...

[Government Macron-Philippe: the traitors rewarded ...]

....is the title of an article by Paul Le Poulpe, one of the sharpest, take-no-prisoners writers on Riposte Laique. In it he enumerates those who have betrayed their own side in order to get a place at the table of the new Government. He names François Bayrou, the new Minister for Justice, as "le traître des traîtres" and perhaps he has a point, when you listen to what this Politician had to say about the "ambitions" of Emmanuel Macron and the Eminences Grises behind him, only 9 months ago in September 2016:

Well it looks like big money got lucky the 3rd time around.....as did François Bayrou who has tried and failed quite a few times in the past.


PS:  how quaint is this picture below: Président Macron introducing the new sign for Paris, the fingers representing the Eiffel Tower. And you know what, he made all his ministers make the same sign, and they did.  The photo is somewhere....

The new Pres doing the Paris-Eiffel Tower sign


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