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Monday, 16 April 2018

Avi Yemini drops some truth-bombs on Sky News

"Outsiders", broadcast on Sunday Mornings and Thursday Nights on Sky News is one of the very best TV you will see in Australia, thanks to the refusal of its two hosts, Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean to  follow the herd or to run with the pack. 

As courageous as these two are when it comes to  swim against the effluent, yesterday they had a guest who is their equal when it comes to bravery. Avi Yemini calls himself "the proudest Jew in Australia", he is an ex IDF front line soldier and in him, the persecuted White farmers in South Africa have found a determined and plucky defender. In this interview he pleads their cause but also points to  some elephants-in-the-room that "polite society" pointedly and cowardly ignores.

Earlier this month I posted a video by Avi Yemini on my other little blog, with the self-explanatory title:  

Avi recorded this  vox populi style interview in the streets of Melbourne among the self-named "pro-migrant" crowd, who had just held a virtue-signalling "pro-migrant" rally. Well worth watching! 

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