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Friday, 13 April 2018

They "égorge" old Jewish Ladies in Paris

The following are extracts from an article  posted by Phil Schneider from IsraelUnwired on March 28, 2018: 

"Holocaust survivor brutally murdered in apartment in France

Anti-Semitism in France is not a new phenomenon. During the Holocaust, the French people did not help the Jews as much as they helped the Nazis kill Jews. But, killing an 85 year old Holocaust survivor is a new low for the troubled country...."

"...The Murderer

The murderer was the woman’s Muslim neighbour. They have known each other personally since he was seven years old.France has a problem with antisemitism, and a lot of it is Muslim antisemitism.

Numbers of Jews in France

Generally speaking, Jews are known to live in Israel and the United States. That is where the two largest population centres of the Jewish people are located. However, France is #3. In France, there are around half a million Jews. Many live in the area of Paris. The next largest Jewish centre is Marseilles.

Holocaust in France

Although the Holocaust began in Poland in September 1939, the Nazis began persecuting French Jews in 1940. They deported tens of thousands of Jews from France to concentration camps in Germany and Poland. The Nazis killed almost all of the Jews they deported. However, most of the Jews in France did survive the Nazi persecutions. Almost 75% survived the Holocaust.

21st Century Anti-Semitism in France

During the 2nd intifada in Israel, which took place between the years 2000 – 2004, many second-generation immigrant Muslims in France joined in massive demonstrations against Israel. In addition to demonstrating against Israel, some more radical elements began to attack local Jews – verbally and physically . 

This led some French Jews to decide to move to Israel. If they were already having trouble with an Arab population in France, many figured they may as well move to Israel already and live a complete Jewish life. Some statistics show that over the last five years, more French Jews made aliyah (moved to Israel) than American Jews. Almost all Jews in France occasionally experience insults or harassment. This is all due to policies of unbridled immigration in France in recent decades coupled with massive anti-Israel sentiments among the worldwide Muslim population. This week’s killing of a Holocaust survivor is a new low in the history of Jews in France. "

Meanwhile more evil has come to light about this renewed atrocity against Jews by Muslims, but also  some new, encouraging elements have ermerged: For the first time, there was no hesitation by the political leaders, followed by the  public prosecutor to recognise the killing for what it was: Mme Knoll was murdered because she was Jewish. In the wake of  the precedent, similarly motivated murders of French Jews, the verdict of "anti-semitism" was shamelessly and stridently fought against. 

However, one thing has not changed: the conformist French media refused, as usual, to use the word "égorgée" (*) which is as integral a  part of Islamic killing as are the words: "allah-u-akbar". In this following interview, the first one given by the two sons of Mireille Knoll, the brothers explicitly name that beast by its name. And they will also express what they think Jews of Europe should do. 

I thank Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes for the editing of this video and h/t goes to Resistance Republicaine and LDJ

Psssst.... is it just me, or did  Président Macron never mention the words "Islam"..."Islamic"..."Muslim" ?


"A tale of two mothers"

From the excellent alternative French information site, FDESOUCHE comes this update: 

Murder of Mireille Knoll: 

Yacine's mother, one of the two alleged murderers, is under investigation for washing the knife used to kill the octogenarian

The mother of one of the two suspects indicted for the murder of Mireille Knoll, was herself indicted, according to an information obtained Tuesday April 10 by Franceinfo. This woman is being prosecuted since Friday for "destroying or altering evidence of a crime", including a knife that may have been used to commit the murder.

This woman resides in the building where Mireille Knoll lived. She is the mother of Yacine M., one of two men charged with intentional homicide because of "the victim's true or supposed religious affiliation.

(*) The best English translation for "égorger" I could find is: "slitting the throat". 

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