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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Robert Spencer on Germany's Merkeldämmerung

Germany's Merkeldämmerung

I think  that Angela Merkel is the second worst chancellor Germany had and the brilliant Robert Spencer will not surprise you when he tells you  who beat Merkel to the post. 

One little explanatory note to Germany's new Interior Minister, the Bavarian Horst Seehofer who recently declared that he did not think Islam belonged to Germany.

Merkel immediately contradicted him in what was no more than a fake mud-wrestling-performance to keep the peanut gallery happy.

Seehover is known as the guy who "always jumps up like a Tiger, yet always ends up as Merkel's bedside rug". His party, the Bavarian CSU is Junior Coalition partner to Merkel's CDU and is facing Regional elections in the very near future. So you can consider this little sabre rattling by Merkel's "bedside rug" as naked electioneering.  The sham coalition contract that the members of the new/old Merkel Government signed contains nothing in writing that would even falsely promise a reduction in the illegal migration program, on the contrary, they are doubling down with a quasi limit-less "family reunion" program, and knowing the average head count of your 'normal' muslim clan  Germany will be flooded  with yet a more massive number of Mohammedans.

Have a look at the body language between the two  (Merkel and her Bedside Rug) when she visited his party convention in Bavaria:

And no,  despite the Merkeldämmerung Germany is hurdling towards, I will spare you Wagner, since the waiting times for the good bits in his Götterdämmerung are too long for the format of this blog ;)

PS:..... this just happened last week, in Berlin, in "bright daylight" as the cliché goes......



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