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Monday, 1 July 2013

Marine Le Pen

“Un government qui a peur me fait peur”  
(Marine LePen)

I have been an unashamed (it's not chic) admirer of this magnificently strong woman from the beginning. She is the only real hope for France. She will be a pragmatic leader, but one who will lead, unafraid! I don't think any other politician, woman or man,  has been as smeared, defamed, sneered at, threatened, misquoted by the "pack" as Marine Le Pen has, but finally "they" are slinking away, and the French are listening.

h/t vladtepes

About time too!

Oh, and one more thing:

IF  Marine Le Pen is, as they repeat ad nauseam: "extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme faaaaaaaaaaaar rrright",
then colour me "extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme faaaaaaaaaaaar rrright" too!  hmpff.

Update 3.7.2013:


Pour mes lecteurs francais:

For my French readers, I have not had time to translate this yet.

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