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Sunday, 28 July 2013

POTUS, PUTIN and boobs

The more I see of Obama...

 ...the more I like Vladimir Putin.

The photo below comes from an article about a  Femen protest, (h/t VladTepes). I don't feel in a mood serious enough to make any political comment other than to recommend that any Western woman intending to mary into Islam should first  read books like  "Not Without My Daughter". I simply  found this picture with Vladimir Putin's and Angela Merkel's  respective expressions irresistible. 




  1. The photo of Obama and the fat camelfucker brings to mind the lesson on good manners I was taught in my youth. How to bow and for the girls how to curtsy. For men: feet together, knees locked, bow with the back only. For ladies: one foot forward, bend the knees. Notice anything weird in that photo.

  2. Sharp observation. Looks like Obama is appealing to two sides of his persona: by bowing to the one who financed the 9/11 mass murder at all, he might be connecting with his "spiritual" core (acquired as a youngster in the mosques of Indonesia), and by curtseying the way he does, it's his girlie side that is shining through. ;)