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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The French President, his mistress and some chicken...

"Le Printemps français organise un lâcher de poules sous les fenêtres d'Hollande"

"The French Spring organises a release of chickens under the windows of Hollande"

The banner reads: 
Valerie: Spouse, Concubine or  Chickie (girl friend)?
For Tax reasons, the President must make a choice!

On Saturday, militants of the right wing movement "Printemps Francais" let a dozen or so chicken run free in front of the French President's Residence which he shares with his partner, Valerie Trierweiler. Three demonstrators were arrested for lèse majesté of the President de la Republique. more here.

At the time of writing I have no detailed news about the militants, and even less news about the chicken. 

Quote of the day from Miss Anonymous:
 In France to not have a lady on the side is saying to the voters: 
“I am not good at multi tasking”. 

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