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Sunday, 7 July 2013

The future of Egypt?

I don’t know whether to be frightened of  that youngster or frightened for him. On reflection:...I think I will  chose  to be elated by what might well be the future of Egypt.

Message to the “sharing’n’caring” cultural relativists, especially those flying the banner of  "feminism": listen to what this young man has to say about women under Islam, and LEARN or forever hold your peace! (I was soooo tempted to misspell "peace" in this case...)

Does he hold the future of Egypt?

From the sublime to the dangerously ridiculous or ridiculously dangerous:

This fellow, Yasir Qaadhi Memphil Imam holds - among others - a Masters and a Doctorate in Islamic Studies from YALE..yes THAT Yale! Listen to this lecture on "Shirk" and be very nauseated, or very afraid:

Does he hold the future of the West?

Update: 8.7.2013

This disturbing video was posted by "Alexander" on the site of  "Resistance Republicaine".  Looking at the poignancy of its sub-titling, I believe that this film is authentic.

"Terror by the muslim brotherhood and Pro-Morsi protesters throughout Egypt's Provinces..."

The present in Egypt?:
warning: confronting pictures.

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