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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Joan of Arc or Marine LePen?

You have met this beautiful young French woman in my previous post. For me, she represents what makes France still beautiful. I bet she is no-one's door mat, yet she remains feminine. She is as courageous as they come (read the threats against her neck in the last post). She looks a bit like Marine LePen looked in her early youth, I think. My vote for the next Model of "Marianne"* goes to this brave "Blondie from Youtube".

(*)The official busts of Marianne initially had anonymous features, appearing as women of the people. From 1969, however, they began to take on the features of famous women, starting with the actress Brigitte Bardot.[2] She was followed by Mireille Mathieu (1978), Catherine Deneuve (1985)

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