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Monday, 8 June 2015

A woman speaks out

Recently the story of this sex change was everywhere so that even I, usually not very interested in this kind of subject, could not miss  it.  

Usually I am very freely sharing my opinion on everything,  invited  or not. But in cases like this I keep schtumm, afraid to be called a "homophobe" even though  some of my best friends are gay as they say. But such is the pressure of minorities now and their entitlement to not being questioned at all has become so much accepted, that they turn many of us "Otto-Normalverbrauchers" into cowardly conformists. Not this lady below though: 

hat tip: VladTepes

I like this feisty woman! She  is a real, not a phony feminist, nor is she a faux compassionista or a politically correct bimbo. Her spunk is not only delightfully satisfying to watch and probably consolatory for the wife of that "Caitlyn", but it even gave me the courage to confess something for the first time today.....: when accidentally watching last years Eurovision song contest winner, I did not know what put me more ill at ease: that hysterical song contest itself, or Conchita Wurst, the bearded lady... 

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