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Friday, 26 June 2015

"Nothing to do with Islam"

Here Pat Condell quotes: Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, and many more Western "Leaders" who are followers very much in the same way politicians of the  Schickelgruber Era were. He also quotes a large majority in Academia, the Greens, the formerly 4th Estate now often the 5th Column that the media has become, in fact the whole Left and, last but not least the silent majority of muslims. 

Seeing that the decapitated victim in France was the Boss of the muslim head chopper, here is another video  by the brilliant Pat Condell in which he gives advice that seems even more relevant now.

A question: (and it's not all that rhetorical) 

Why do they call the "month of Ramadan"  the "HOLY" month? 

A comment:  

Now you can see perhaps why I (and anyone not completely blind or of extreme bad will) say that "Israel is fighting our War"

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May the victims of this latest muslim kill fest, which had everything to do with Islam, rest in peace. 

May the politicians, media, faux compassionistas and assorted enablers of these atrocities not rest in peace. 

Update 29. 6. 2015

And so the "whitewash" of the jihadist decapitation of a French man on French soil  starts, as in : "Nothing to do with Islam": 

Below are 3 twitter posts  by ITele (a French TV station) that tell a short synopsis of the article translated  below. The first tweet, which is not in the article, tells of  the additional “comment” by the jihadi head chopper of France in which  he stated to police that he “did it” because of tensions between him and his employer, but he added as an other cause (significant in my opinion) also "tension between him and his wife". 

Here then is the article which tells of how the whitewashing has already started and the conclusion will no doubt be: 


"The main suspect of the attack in Isère, Yassin Salhi, reportedly admitted to investigators that he killed his boss. But according to some in the French media, his gesture had been the consequence of a simple personal dispute with him. 

Yassin Salhi has begun to lift the veil on his act. The alleged perpetrator of the "terrorist attack" - which could now be described simply as an "attack" - committed Friday at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, in Isère, admitted killing his boss, according to several sources close to the investigation.

But this murder might not be related to "Islamist terrorism" as immediately pointed to  by the Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

According to information from the French news channel iTV, in custody, he  [the killer muslim] evoked a dispute with his employer, and the intention to commit suicide and cause a media coup. A version that takes up a hypothesis already formulated by Wassim Nasr and David Thomson, specialists jihadist networks in France 24 and RFI, that the gesture of Yassin Salhi could be the consequence of a simple personal dispute with his boss.

Shortly after the attack, the French president had reacted from  Brussels, stating that it was an attack "of a terrorist nature."

According to police from the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT):

"We note that the Islamic state never claimed his action. Typically, the organisation calls for the execution of policemen, soldiers, Jews, but not  SME  managers.

Finally, the two flags found on each side of the [severed] head of Hervé C. on the grid do indeed mention the shahada [the Muslim profession of faith] but they have nothing to do with the Islamic state. "

"His testimony confirms that the primary intention of Salhi seems to have been the killing of his boss but, since he has been highly radicalised for at least ten years, he did it in the jihadist imagery," says Libération, a police source"



  1. Why do they call the "month of Ramadan" the "HOLY" month?

    Because it's the month when you end up full of holes.

    1. Reminds me of someone who recently said that "Religion of Peace" is spelled wrongly; he told me: "Islam is a religion of PIECES...one piece of you here, another piece of you over there..."