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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Israel: a geographical perspective

And if Gaza and Israel were in France? 

is a question asked by Europe-Israel-News. Here they show Israel's  proportions on a map of France: 

And they write (my translation): 

Difficult for those who have never visited the region to understand  the Israeli-Palestinian conflict geographically. The map above illustrates how tight it is. The parallel with our French geography allows a perspective of the current conflict.  

The map below positions the area of Jerusalem on that of Paris. This way we see that the Israeli military operations would take place between the cities of Rambouillet near Paris that of Maintenon in the Eure-et-Loir. And all that on a stretch of  6 to  12 km. To reach these two cities, it takes about half an hour while the conflict would take place within 55 km from the capital.

Hamas  has rockets and missiles capable of touching the city of Haifa in northern Israel. So, from Rambouillet they could easily reach Paris and even  go to the city of Amiens.

Here below you have a few more maps which put Israel into geographical perspective: 

That tiny little speck in red is Israel, just in the likely case you cannot see it. And this little spot, the only democracy in that region is supposed to be the cause of all that is wrong in the Middle East, and to believe some (alas too many) unsavoury characters this is supposed to be  the cause of all that is wrong in the world? 
Israel v. Arab occupied Lands:

1. Israel is bordered by 22 hostile Arab nations, 
640 times her size and 65 times her population.

2. Jewish population worldwide = 13 million

3. Muslim population worldwide = 2.1 Billion

Which one is the David - which one is Goliath? And how did that biblical battle end already?........ Just in case it is not obvious yet ;), I am fully on the side of Israel and the Jewish people and so I hope for a repeat of that outcome. By the way: Goliath was not a Jew, but a Philistine. David was a Jew. 

David Ben Gourion said: 
"Not to believe in miracles in Israel is not realistic" 


  1. Just that last video is ample proof of why Israel has shamed every last one of its (Muslim) neighbors. Of course, they cannot tolerate such an undeniable comeuppance and must respond with barbaric violence and the perpetuation of tyranny on a scale that continues to disgrace Islam for all of the right reasons. Thank you, dear Rita.

  2. Well said, NorseRadish - the one with my favorite nom de plume ;)