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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

UN = Central Station for Human Rights Violators

Vlad calls it "The Death Of Reason at the UN" - I would rather go for "UN = Reason's Torture Chamber". 

The UN,  in my notsohumble opinion is not so much a "naked emperor" any longer as it is the Central Station for the most vile of  Human Rights Violators in the world today.

The UN and "Human Rights"???  Ha!  They are an active participant in the gang-rape of our language. "Defending Human Rights" in the past meant "DEFENDING  Human Rights". "Defending", in the past meant defending not violating. 

The UN should be indicted for promoting Crimes against Humanity or - at best - it should transfer its Head Quarters to Tehran, Qatar or Saudi Arabia who is not only already (and grotesquely) a member of the "Human Rights Council", but will soon be presiding over it.  

There is, however, a little crack where some  light gets in, ONE courageous voice of reason in this cauldron; it comes from Hillel Neuer: 

The full text of the speech from here:

Thank you, Mr. President. The High Commissioner spoke of the need to end impunity. Yet what we are witnessing here at the United Nations is this: Countries that commit gross and systematic violations of human rights are not only given immunity, but they are actually rewarded with high positions.

When member states are silent, the High Commissioner must lead. We urge him to consider, and we ask:

Why is it that Saudi Arabia, which subjugates women, which just expelled a student from university because she lowered her veil on a female-only school bus, is rewarded by the UN with a seat on this Human Rights Council?

Why is it that Saudi Arabia, which just upheld the conviction of blogger Raif Badawi, and his punishment of a thousand lashes and ten years in prison for the crime of “insulting Islam,” was allowed to play host in Jeddah, the city where Mr. Badawi was flogged and remains in prison, to a UN-backed conference on “combating religious intolerance”?

Why is it that a country now advertising for more executioners to behead more prisoners than ever before, had the thought that it could be head of this Council?

The High Commissioner spoke of the war in Yemen. Yet the two words “Saudi Arabia” — which has been pounding the country indiscriminately, with 2200 killed, 10,000 wounded, 20 million in need of aid — were carefully omitted.

So too, we heard nothing today on Iran, which has equally played a deadly role in Yemen, as it continues to sponsor the killers of innocents in Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon, just as it oppresses its own people at home.

Silence is bad enough. Yet given its horrific record on child marriages, forced head-coverings, domestic violence, gender inequality, and the constant harassment and arrest of women by morality police, by what logic — by what morality — did the UN, just two months ago, reward the Islamic Republic of Iran with a seat on the board of UN Women?

Will any member states speak out against the practice of rewarding the perpetrators?

Will the High Commissioner?

I thank you, Mr. President.

The video below is nearly 3 years old, but - if anything - it's worse now. 

Note: Strange thing happened: I was looking for a funny caricatural picture of the more dubious UN members,  dressed up as clowns which I once posted; it has disappeared. However, when googling UN one finds an avalanche of anti-Israel/Jewish messages that  do not even bother any longer to hide behind the see-through fig leaf of "we don't hate the Jews we just hate Israel". This (and other things) confirm the truism: They don't hate the Jews because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the Jews.

PS: And here a little additional glimpse of what's happening in the country who might soon be directing the UN Human Rights Council:

Those 'lashes' are not little taps on the back, far from it: some medical experts suggested that this man will not survive 1000 lashes. 

Update on 25. 6. 2015

Statistics about the "Objectivity" (LOL)  of the UN whose near exclusive raison d'être now seems to be  the defamation of Israel and a more than enthusiastic assistance to those whose aim is the destruction of the Jewish State, its people and the Jewish people globally. 

The UN must be disbanded or transfer their Head Quarters to Tehran, a more fitting environment for this Charade of a "Human Rights Organisation". 

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