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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dead Baby Jihad gives us a new Baby Jesus

I really like what this Rabbi has to say and I like his passionate delivery. Here he argues that the "Palestinian Cause" is the new "Christianity" and that, what one of my friends calls the "dead baby jihad" has delivered them a new Baby Jesus.  I think he is right, but when I see what kind of knuckle-draggers and intellectual midgets  ape the paroles devised by the true Jew haters "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" etc., I feel that this new Christianity is an  extremely devolved one.

This video, (subtitled by VladTepes) was recorded on the 28. 7. 2014,  right in the middle of the last Gaza-War also known as "Operation Protective Edge".


So, how do "they" win the propaganda war? 

This article titled "Disgusting Exploitation of a Disabled Palestinian Child" by Yarden 
Frankl from Honest Reporting might give you a hint or two: 

In the Associated Press Picture, the limbless child sits by a colourful mural in Israel’s Tel Hashomer Hospital. 
It is his home. 
Mohammed al-Farra was born in Gaza with a rare genetic disease. His hands and feet had to be amputated to save his life. He required extensive medical care. Care not available in Gaza. So he was rushed to a hospital in Israel. 
He is not the only Palestinian from Gaza being treated in an Israeli hospital. It’s just another one of those humanitarian acts undertaken by Israel that gets little press. 
But his story should receive media attention.

After being treated, his Gazan parents refused to take him back. And neither the Hamas government in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority would pay for more medical care. 
So his Israeli doctors raised the funds themselves to allow him to stay at Tel Hashomer. 
The Associated Press should be commended for writing an article drawing attention to his situation. And the photograph is the best part, showing little Mohammed as a child, not a matter of politics. 
But now the picture and the story of Mohammed has been turned upside down. 
Mohammed Omer, a Palestinian journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications, is a recipient of the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism. Here is the criteria for winning the award:

The award will be for the kind of reporting that distinguished Martha (Gellhorn): in her own words “the view from the ground”. This is essentially a human story that penetrates the established version of events and illuminates an urgent issue buried by prevailing fashions of what makes news. We would expect the winner to tell an unpalatable truth, validated by powerful facts, that exposes establishment conduct and its propaganda.

Despite such a great honour, he has now been exposed for circulating on Twitter a nasty, cynical, “unpalatable” lie.
He took the picture of Mohammed and tweeted:


Fortunately, Omer’s disgusting attempt to exploit this child has been exposed, and the tweet has been removed. But only after the picture and Omer’s tweet were shared around the Internet and seen countless times. And even though Omer was caught, how many other pictures falsely claiming to be of Israeli atrocities continue to circulate on the Internet?

And then there is the reporting by the BBC (why is this news service still not seen as the naked emperor that it is?) and the ABC/SBS from Australia who want to be like the BBC when they grow up and the rest ...

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