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Friday, 26 June 2015

Shame France, Shame !

This one pulls at my heart strings. 

It came with a press release from "Les Identitaires", a group of young French patriots who are trying, by peaceful means, to save their country. So, of course, the nasty forces in Hollande's extreme left,  socialist Government and the conformist French media have labelled them long since as the  "extreeeeeeme  rrrrright".  I respect their courage to help "hope" along a little.

Here is the translation of their press release from the 24 June 2015 

Solidarity with Angelo, a French dad thrown into the street with his wife and baby 
"A video released by the 'Taxpayers Association' and already viewed more than 500,000 times, has, justifiably aroused the indignation of many French.

In this video, Angelo, a young French dad, thrown out on the street with his young family following the loss of his employment, tells how he is forced to beg in order to provide a home for their baby.

None of the State Assistance- or Community- structures he approached could give him any help. "They told me that, if I had been an asylum seeker or in an irregular situation, there would be the solution of hotel accommodation for us, but only immigrants are accommodated in that hotel. The young father shares his distress and legitimate anger.
The tragic story of Angelo is unfortunately not an isolated case:

The militants "Identitaires" participate every winter in the operation "Generation Solidarity" among homeless and are regularly confronted with similar situations. The majority of people living in the street are of French origin, while illegal immigrants are taken in charge by the State, through the State Medical Aid (which covers all their medical expenses from the smallest to the most expensive) and through emergency accommodation. On June 12, a statement from the city of Nanterre informed us that 30 (French) homeless had to leave a reception centre so that illegal immigrants could be housed there!

Unlike some of these illegals, Angelo asks for nothing. He did not ask for money but above all employment, preferably in hospitality, in his region of La Rochelle. If you can help, please contact us on contact@generation-identitaire.com. We also pass on to him your messages of support."


Incidentally, the very "Socialist" President Hollande calls the poor of France "les sans-dents" (the toothless) according to the "stop-kissing-and-tell-all" revenge book by his last Mistress, Valérie Trierweiler

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