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Friday, 5 June 2015

Seventy Two Virgins LOL

Well, I am not so sure if this is "LOL"


The refrain of this little German Schunkel-song below translated,  goes something like this: 

All of us will  get into heaven
because we are so good and so  well behaved. 
Even St. Peter will see this
and he will say: I let you in with pleasure, 
because already on earth you were  the purest little angels.

Wir kommen alle, alle, alle in den Himmel,
weil wir so brav sind, weil wir so brav sind.
Das sieht selbst der Petrus ein.
Er sagt: ich lass gern euch rein,
ihr wart auf Erden schon die reinsten Engelein.

gives a whole new meaning to the Scout motto:

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