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Friday, 11 September 2015

Adolf Erdogan's soldiers' new battleground: Germany

Blood on Frankfurt's Streets 

as Turkish and Kurdish protesters clash

11. 9. 2015: Clashes erupted in Frankfurt between Turkish nationalists and pro-Kurdish protesters as riot police struggled to keep the groups apart. 

Thursday. Rival groups reportedly attacked each other with knives, screw-drivers and bottles. The violence resulted in multiple injuries and 50 arrests. 

Happy now, Angela Merkel?

I meant to post the song "Uns zittern die morschen Knochen" here, because its refrain:

"Denn heute gehoert uns Deutschland und morgen die ganze Welt! " (Today Germany belongs to us, and tomorrow the whole world)

matches what we see in moribund Europe today just so perfectly. But I could not find a single U-tube version  which did not have the most offensively irony-deprived comments after it. 

So this is my second choice: it has english subtitles,  is followed by relatively few offensive comments and its  title "Die Braune Kompanie" (The brown company) fits.

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