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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Christian Refugees NOT WELCOME in France

In the wake of the emotional blackmail and the  near pornographic media circus that followed the  drowned child's picture, Australia too rushed to help and has just accepted an additional 12,000 "Syrian" Refugees to be settled here. 

However, the then-still Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (a thousand shoulders above Merkel but meanwhile deplaced by a coup) specified, that he wanted to help the "truly prosecuted minorities of Syria", meaning Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims.  He said that he would leave the "triage" to UN organisations on site.

Now, I do not trust the UN and assorted  "Human Rights" agencies at all and have my personal doubts that they will "recommend" persecuted Christians or Jews  for a ticket to Australia. A doubt which has been  only re-enforced today when I came across an article linked to by Resistance Republicaine. This brave Patriotic French group introduced the article with the cry: 


In Beirut the embassy of France refuses visas to Syrians who are Christians, but accepts Muslims.

and Resistance Republicaine then asks the rhetorical question: 

"If Aylan had been Christian, would the media have cared?"

below is my translation of it:

"Government Orders" to deny asylum to Syrian Christians

September 15, 2015

It's better to be Muslim than a Middle Eastern Christian if you want to get asylum in France.

The guests of Jean-Marie Le Mene on Radio Courtoisie, Frederic Pichon, Expert on Syria at the University of Tours, and Marc Fromager,  head of "Aid to the Church in Need",  explained why.

Frederic Pichon:

"I spoke this afternoon with a highly placed official of the Republique who works in the 'reception of refugees'. He told me very clearly, (giving me the permission to publicise this information anywhere and I take the opportunity to do so) that there are government instructions to drown the question of Middle Eastern Christians.

He told me: "there are Syrian and Iraqi Christians who have been waiting eight months for a visa in Beirut." He explained: 

"You should know that the Embassy of France in Beirut outsources visa services (records and instructions to grant visas) to a private Lebanese company owned by a Sunni Muslim. " 

My informant is an officer, a very serious man, a prefect. He said that by now he is almost inclined to advise Christians to emigrate without applying for visas, go through Turkey and hide in the flood [of migrants ] if they want to have a chance of welcome. Because there are "instructions", he told me, especially for Syrian Christians who are deemed to be pro-regime.

Basically, the "instructions" are: 

"You can accommodate Syrians, provided they are not pro-regime. The implication being that, if you are Alawite or Christian, you are deemed to be pro-regime, so strangely, consideration of your visa application takes eight months at the Embassy of France. "

Marc Fromager:

Even in France it's been years that we have been getting this kind of testimony. For example from Egyptian Christians who have fled their country because they were threatened, endangered, etc.

Here (in France), the instruction is done with Arab translators, most of whom are Muslims of North African origin. And strangely these Christians,  "interpreted" by Muslims, will almost never obtain the right to political asylum and are turned away. Whereas Muslims are accepted quite easily. [...] 

What is needed are Arabist translators who are religiously neutral or who do their job well, but in any case, the sum of these Christian s' testimonies show that they are not granted asylum while they are  in obvious and pressing physical danger, and so they start  eventually asking questions.

This program of Radio Courtoisie was recorded on September 11. We learnt today that an Orthodox Syrian Choir was denied a visa to sing in Strasbourg. 

They had filed their Visa applications .................. at the Embassy of France in Beirut. (*)

The Byzantine Choir of St. Ignatius Cathedral Mariamite Damascus, (photo above) were to sing psalms, Christmas carols, the Passion and Resurrection...their flights and accommodation had been booked and paid for....


Update 18.9.2015:
An interesting article on the same subject by Raymond Ibrahim: 

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