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Friday, 4 September 2015

The pornography of "Dead Children Jihad" photos

The blog "the Muslim Issue" has just published an article that is certainly worth reading, at least by people who do not run with the hash-tag herd that seems to swallow the pornographic "Jihad by Dead Children Photos" unquestioningly, with all the exhibitionist sentimentality  that is so facile yet  makes them feel oh-so-compassionate. 

The title of this article  

"Family of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi had been given FREE housing in Turkey, while father’s story is full of holes"

keeps what it promises and pokes a stick into all those holes. It starts: 

"Abdullah Kurdi’s story is made-up. But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, while pressuring policies to force Europe to take in more economic migrants who have never experienced a war zone. He was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. That’s why he was the only survivor. The first time he learned of their death was from the hospital after the photos of his young son was circulating in the media. Listen to all the contradictions and holes in his story. This is an attempt to send his wife and children into Europe before him to apply for refugee status as a lone woman with children, while he never even lived in a war zone..."

and   it ends with a quote by the guy I call "Adolf the Second" : 

"...And the Turkish people smuggler Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan responded to the deaths in his country’s waters by saying: “European countries, which have turned the Mediterranean, the cradle of the world’s oldest civilisations, into a cemetery for refugees, shares the sin for every refugee who loses their life.”

Some (indigestible) food for (an after) thought. 

Face of a  Palestinian   Arab-Muslim  Child Killer, 
happy she murdered 8 children  instead of "only 3"


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