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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Invaders * object to German Food. Germany caves in.

Biting the limp German hands that feed them? How much deeper will so-called "civilised" countries bow down before these disgraceful invaders? All the way down so they can kiss their feet after having done their bottoms? 

Forgive my outrage: I am German and I am angry!!!

Thanks to Vlad for the sub-titling.

Oh, and looking at the start of the video:  "Syrian" seems to be the new "black". 

Don’t Like the Food? Here, Have Some Money!
Picture and title from Gates of Vienna where you can also find the transcript of the video.

I really really don't find these types "sexy", perhaps they should eat some Sauerkraut sometimes, because, as the song below says:  

"Sauerkraut macht SEXY" 


(*) See here the reason I call them "Invaders"


  1. Many Arabs and Muslims see Qatar continued support of Islamic radical groups across the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Also The Islamic Republic of Iran has helped Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Hezbollah by exporting the technology that it has for the production of missiles and other equipment,” Revolutionary Guard Air Force commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh was quoted recently.
    Regime Change lead by Qatar & How Qatar seized control of the Syrian revolution

    Wher all those wealty gulf stste from this sufferings "Under Hamad bin Jassim’s tenure as chief executive, the QIA accumulated assets of $100 billion, investing surpluses from Qatar’s vast oil and gas wealth in ventures. The QIA bought big stakes in companies such as German automakers Volkswagen and Porsche, Anglo-Swiss mining giant Xstrata,and French football team Paris Saint-Germain. The fund also made large investments in former colonial power Britain, acquiring stakes in Harrods, the London StockExchange, and the Shard, the tallest building in the EU."(Pdf Link)

    The Qatar News Agency quoted Hamad bin Jassim saying as stating explosively that “what is happening in Syria is not a civil war but a genocide, a war of extermination with a license to kill by the Syrian government and the international community.”43 Yet, as responsibility for Syria devolved to the United Nations and its special envoys, Qatar, along with SaudiArabia and Kuwait, increasingly began to identify and “pick winners” among the myriad rebel groups operating in Syria. In Qatar’s case, these forces were aligned closely with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which caused mounting tensions with Saudi Arabia.

    Who is killing civilians an innocents people, who responsible doing a genocide, a war of extermination with a license to kill?
    For the Saudi Arabia you can also find the devil driven by petro-dollar for terrorists all around the world. That "The Prince’s contribution marks a $32 billion pledge to help build a “better world of tolerance, acceptance, equality and opportunity for all,” Alwaleed said in a statement on his website and to reporters in an announcement in Riyadh." where he is from these flux of humans? Where his humanity and where his billions why not showering them to help these in need?

    As western countries and people you should stand and call those Gulf regimes and The Islamic Republic of Iran to take their share of this human tragedy, they created and they should hold account for their consequences and their billions wasting for it doing a genocide, a war of extermination with a license to kill.

  2. You have a right to be angry.

    No one has any personal responsibility for events that happened before they were born.

    Yet some kind of collective sense of guilt, which individual and wholly innocent Germans take upon themselves, is being exploited for everything it is worth.

    If Germans want to atone for history, that is fine and easy. All they have to do is support Israel to the hilt and recognise and condemn without qualification what it is that makes refugees in the first place. .

  3. Hi geoffff,
    One of my main reasons that I will be on the side of Israel and the Jewish people (nearly) unconditionally is that I, as a "Nachgeborene" (born-afterwards) German have no alibi. What would I have done had I been born then? Would I have joined the "Weiße Rose"? I will never know.

    Now, a mere 70 years afterwards I SEE it happen again myself, and anyone with the tiniest sense of decency must see the same thing. What Angela Merkel is doing is facilitating a flooding of Germany and Europe by people who (to a great majority) had it given with their mothermilk via the Koran that their raison d'être was to "erase Israel and the Jewish people from the face of the earth".

    Whatever her motivations are, corrupt relations with Qatar, a promisicuos relationship with the "trendy" media, or a deep-seated hatred à la Martin Luther (her father was a pastor in this religion after all), she is exposing the Jews of Europe to yet more deadly anti-semitism. A "final solution" by another means?

    She insults and stands clearly against her own, decent German people, when she defames the PEGIDA (*) walks. These are (on the whole) decent, middleclass German folk of all ages and backgrounds. In those marches one sees quite a few Israeli flags - happily beside the German flags.

    (*)PEGIDA = Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes.