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Monday, 25 January 2016

CALAIS the Jungle in France

Leftist Kapos push the illegals into attacking  Calesians 
in their homes

The article, written by Caroline Alamachère,  was published in Riposte Laique on  the 24. January 2016 in the wake of the latest atrocities visiting  the battered town of Calais in France.  I will translate parts of it here.

Caroline is an exquisite writer and I fear I will not be able to do justice to her biting Gallic irony, but I'll try to bring you at least the information if not her literary style: She starts by asking rhetorically: 

How long will France still have to suffer the nuisance related to the presence of illegal immigrants who wish to travel to England, on the pretext of protecting the subjects of her graceful majesty from all this ethnic enrichment? 

Approximately 2000 extreme left militants, among them a number of foreign activists who came to "make the law" in our country, as well as several collectives for the "sans-papiers" (illegals without identification papers), have demonstrated this Saturday in Calais to support illegal immigration and to condemn the Calaisiens who want nothing more than return to a peaceful life, the one they knew before thousands of people came to make war against them. Because assaulting the residents, stealing from them, bashing police, attacking truck drivers are indeed acts of war.

Also in this cortege were those who proclaimed to be "environmentalists" while claiming the right for thousands of men to perpetrate an ecological disaster on a natural area normally protected for its fauna and flora. We will have to search for a long time to find even the tiniest "environmentalist" bone in those people.

The actress Yolande Moreau was there too, posing between two young men holding the "Antifa" (*) flag hereby showing off her PC conformism (**) while demonstrating that she doesn't give a fig for the daily experiences of the Calais people. Once Yolande has pictorially immortalised her political correctness she will return to her peaceful village in Normandy which is most probably free of of illegal immigrants. It is not believed that she has offered to take some of them home.......Compassionate, but not too much....

In Libé (Leftist Magazine "Libération"), several testimonies are reported, like the one of the butcher who "does not know what to do to help them" (mind you he doesn't intend to invite 1 or 2 to his home); he is described as "compassionate", and then there is the more pragmatic one who suggests to "send them back to their countries of origin" who is described in the journal as a man who "vomits his racist hatred". 

The anarcho-leftists, caring less for the common goods than their pairs of Nikes and their last can of Coca-Cola (the Leftist is very fond of Coca-Cola and under his cover of a rebellious attitude loves consuming "American") then attacked the statue of General de Gaulle and his wife Yvonne by writing in red paint "Nik France" (Fuck France). The term "nik" coming from the Arabic, one is not surprised by its usage in such circumstances. These leftists, as proven by their call to to fuck France written on the chest of the General, demonstrate without any ambiguity that they have still not forgiven a certain France to have resisted the nazifying sodomy (accepted by others). Their choice of colours for their flag is easy to understand.

The degradation of a statue, be it that of the General, appears to raise more indignation among politicians that the multiple attacks against people who live near the "jungle" area.....Even the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, protested against these "serious excesses" but has no qualms to expel Nadine Guerlach (***) from her house that she had leased for more than 40 years......[...]....We can well see that the priorities are more in the symbols rather than in the defence of the people. 

In the enthusiasm of this successful day, some 400 people invaded for 3 hours the port area. Leftist protesters ("no borders"), favourable to the arrival of thousands of illegal immigrants broke through the barbed wire protecting the port area so that illegals could board the ferry to England. Some even illegally boarding the ferry "Spirit of Britain" before the were eventually forcibly evacuated. 

At the periphery of these events, a Calaisian family was attacked in their own garden by a swarm of clandestine leftists who threw various objects at them, before the little girls of the house, forcing the father to get out a gun to scare them away while his terrified wife was desperately trying to calm down everyone. 

The man who defended his family - described by a leftist group pointing out their address as "racist inbred pigs" - against the aggressors who came there as warriors, was initially taken into custody before being released. 

Damien Rieu, a member of "les Identitaires" was able to speak with the father on the telephone. He informs us that the mayor of Calais, who a few months ago had declared the illegals were an "enrichment" for Calais, had asked the family to leave the city because of possible reprisals by the "Antifas" ! The mind boggles ! Isn't she supposed to protect her constituents and act in the interest of the Calaisians?


The telephone conversation with David, the father was recorded by Damien Rieu and we understand that David, who vehemently denied being a racist, took a blow to the jaw, was beaten with a stick on the arm and had only tried to defend himself when he was attacked in his garden. 

A Face book support page has been created at this address: https://www.facebook.com/Calais-Soutien-à-David-et-Gaël-337778946346059/

and also a page dedicated to the creation of a solidarity prize pool to cover the potential costs this family will incur for those who are interested: https://www.leetchi.com/c/solidarite-de-david-et-gael


(*) to me this attention floozie  looks rather like an ageing cougar playing out her  exotic gang rape fantasies )

(**) Antifa = euphemism for the real fascists of the present.

(***) We reported on Nadine Guerlach, as soon as I find the link to this interview, I will post it here. 

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