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Friday, 15 January 2016

The Rape Game "TAHARRUSH" coming to your neighbourhood

"Taharrush – “the rape game”
January 16, 2016 

Taharrush, aka “the rape game” is most popular in Egypt, where, if the mainstream media are to be believed, 99% of the female population has been subjected to unwanted sexual acts in public.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no problem (as some women do) with men honking or voicing their appreciation for my feminine beauty – freedom of speech and all that. But there is a vast difference between a wolf-whistle and somebody grabbing a boob.

OK – full disclosure. I may be particularly sensitive to this whole ‘unwanted touching’ thing because I’ve experienced it. A couple of these experiences have left visible scars on me. But I have – thank goodness – never been the subject of taharrush.

There is a method to Taharrush.

The videos seem chaotic and disorganised, but this changes when you learn the rules of the game.

Step #1

Find a woman – any woman! If she is young and/or pretty, that much the better. If she is a non-Muslim – even better. But, really, ANY woman will do.

Step #2

Get as many of your friends between the woman and her family/friends/potential rescuers. Pushing, shoving, surges of men pushing themselves between her and safety are the best way to do this.

Step #3

Now that she has been isolated, the woman will suspect her fate and start to try to scream and fight. Unless she is Western, of course, because only ‘racist’ Western women would be aware of ‘the rape game’. It is important at this point to control her physically, so she must be surrounded by your buddies and dragged further away from anyone who might be able to actually help her. Physical violence and ripping her clothes of are true and tested ‘calming’ techniques. This is also an ideal time to cop a feel and/or save a torn piece of clothing as a souvenir.

Step #4

Form ‘the rings’ around her.

The outermost ring has the job of keeping any help away from the woman – even while some of them may pretend to be going to her aid. Distraction and defence (of the inner circles) is the name of the game. This may not be the most rewarding job, but, sometimes you just have to be the ‘wingman’.

The middle circle is lucky: they get to watch. They are close enough to see the woman’s bits and who gets to do what to her. Their job is to make sure none of the men from the outer circle pretending to be going to her help is actually a genuine helper. And, if they can stretch it out for long enough, some of these guys may even make it ti the inner circle!

The inner circle are the guys who are – or get – lucky. they are within an arm’s length of the woman. They were likely the first ones to separate her from her safety companions, so it is only proper that they be the ones to get their rocks off. They are the ones to rip the woman’s clothes off, to touch her in every place and every way possible and, perhaps, even have coitus with her. As many of them as they can before she either escapes, is saved, or is too visibly dead. As in, torn limb from limb and all – with all that pushing and shoving, it’s bound to happen to some.

It’s not like their families would let them live after something like this anyways…

This is exactly what had happened to Lara Logan in Tahrir square – and she’s still in and out of hospital with internal injuries resulting from this attack – years later.

It is, in a way, the ‘Game Theory of Rape’, if you will.

And, this is exactly what Europe (and I don’t say Germany because, even though the most well publicised attack happened in Cologne, Germany, it actually happened in tens of cities in a number of European countries simultaneously) is getting now, with its influx on Muslim migrants, the vast majority of whom are young able-bodied men who have no desire to work. I am not linking this because I have just done a translation of an article which I will publish soon that supports this statement, but I have not published it yet and I am notoriously bad at going to older posts to add in links to later posts.,,,sorry, please just stay tuned, the proof is coming.

So, taharrush is taking Europe by rush. I mean storm:"

"When they arrive in town...."

I found this picture on twitter today
...another 1000 words saved...

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