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Thursday, 7 January 2016

PEGIDA? No, MERKEL hates Germany !

After the main media complied with, what I assume were 'orders' from below (*) and kept the sexual pack attacks on German girls quiet for days, they were eventually shamed into saying at least "something" by the reports appearing on the  Internet. I will not quote them because everyone has seen/read/heard as much of their "spin" as they need, and  I will instead post comments by people who Know and Tell. 

First cab of the rank: Tommy Robinson (**), whom I consider a modern day hero.  He tells Angela Merkel, that, when she was accusing PEGIDA of having "hatred in their hearts", she was projecting, because it is she, Merkel, who has hatred in her heart. He tells us that she has hatred in her heart for Germany and her own people. He tells her that she is responsible for the rapes of these girls.  (approx. from min. 4.25). I will not add to this, because my contempt for Angela Merkel has grown to a point where I don't trust myself with what I might say about this "Mother Terrorista". 

And here are some more comments from another straight talker, yes Megyn Kelly is a Fox News anchor and yes I do prefer Fox News to the subbranches of Al Jazeera going under the formerly respected names of BBC (UK), ABC (Australia), RTL (France), ZDF/DW (Germany):

h/t for both videos above to Vlad

My choice of music is, as usual, not quite random. 

(*) "Orders from below". With our current crop of cowardly, corrupt (I do like alliteration!) politicians I refuse the formula: "From the PM/Chancellor/President DOWN" but use instead one which more accurately reflects the moral levels we are speaking of: "From the PM/Chancellor/President UP)

(**)  Breitbart News reports: Tommy Robinson arrested two days after launching PEGIDA U.K.This persecution is nothing less than a murderous attempt to silence this brave voice for good by the UK "authorities". 

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