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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Yes, the Left is really THAT stupid and dangerous

Only in America? 


No, not only in America, in Holland also. 

Here are some Dutch, mainly females with the odd token male warmly welcoming "refugees". I think the violence they do not only to music but also to basic good taste will require a vomit bucket for those who stay with the "song" until the bitter end.

This was recorded sometimes in September last year and I can't help wondering if some of these warmly welcomed Merkel-guests had travelled to Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Austria by New Years Eve.......


Psssst, Geert Wilders  HOW CAN YOU STAND IT !!! 

While stupidity and/or naivety in themselves are dangerous enough,  add  malicious "leaders", who will harness that herd,  into the mix and you will get the  deadly cocktail we are increasingly forced to imbibe right now. Here is an extract from an article by the brilliant Daniel Greenfield:

"...The left has crippled domestic and international counter terrorism. American soldiers are not allowed to shoot terrorists and the FBI and NYPD can’t monitor mosques or even be taught what to look for. Islamic terrorism has achieved unprecedented influence and power under Obama.

ISIS has created the first functioning caliphate and Iran marches toward the first Jihadist nuclear bomb. The mass Muslim migration is beginning a process that will islamize Europe far more rapidly than anyone expects.

The Jihad would not be a significant threat without the collaboration of the left. Without the left standing in the way, it’s a problem that could be solved in a matter of years. With the aid of the left, it threatens human civilization with a dark age that will erase our culture, our future and our freedom.

We cannot defeat Islam without defeating the left..."

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  1. Thank you for the post. In times past I would have found the stupidity of today's "youth" amusing, especially of the female variety, but I am no longer laughing. Now I am just horrified. They should be grazing in a field of grass.

    The video from Holland reminded me of a comment made many years ago by a friend who had a Austrian background about the Dutch. He said that they "just Germans with their brains kicked out." Not very kind but the video does seem to substantiate his opinion.

  2. Hi June,
    "...They should be grazing in a field of grass..." I fear even "grazing" would be too big an intellectual challenge. They need hand-feeding.
    As to the video from Holland: LOL

  3. 2nd vid of the singing fools - wish it had more footage of the other side- at 2:06 you can see ONLY MEN, no moms, no kids, taking pictures of their future victims. Probably didn't understand a word of the lyrics anyway. Predators are thinking "YEAH uncovered women-- ripe for the taking"

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    I have been thinking along the same lines. And yes minute 2.06 gives us a tiny glimpse of.....