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Friday, 22 January 2016

Watch a People Smuggling Deal

This was filmed by the BBC, undercover, and shows us how a smuggling broker arranges a deal to transport people from Turkey to Greece. For once they seem to have taken a break from their relentless Al Jazeera style propaganda and are bringing us objective news. WrathOfKhan published this on 22. 1. 2015

Now, if one could only get at the two biggest People Smugglers, Fatima Merkel and Adolf Erdogan with a hidden camera...

As to this little musical fluff....yes I know...
It's deliberate...

What changed the BBC - taking a break in their relentless propaganda FOR the invasion of Europe by Jihadis? That apart, excellent video - now, if only one could go with a hidden camera to film the two biggest People Smugglers: Mother Terrorista Merkel (they call her "Fatima" in Germany now) and Adolf Erdogan.

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