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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Je suis PEGIDA

Eeyore from Vladtepes wrote this little encouragement on the 4. 6. 2014:

“Don’t be discouraged.

While things look worse and worse from many angles, a lot of conflicts we have won did not even begin till things had reached a more dire point than we are at now. I know it is hard to realize it. A leader will come who will legalize resistance to tyranny from socialists as well as Islam and the push back will be fast and effective.

Support any voices you hear that are ready to speak out about it.”

Since Fatima Merkel opened the effluent gates on Germany and Europe, we have seen PEGIDA(*) emerge and survive the vilest concerted campaigns of defamation waged against  them by corrupt politicians and the 5th column, formerly known as the 4th Estate . I am sure that it is from this genuine "grass roots" organisation  that we will see courageous and decent leaders emerge. 

Yesterday in Copenhagen we got a little glimpse of some light at the end of the tunnel; Geert Wilders must start to feel less lonely. 

Paul Weston with Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters is a leader of PEGIDA U.K. 

Hear him roar:

How did you guess what  little song I would chose  to lighten the load of this post? ;)




(*) PEGIDA = Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes. (Patriotic Europeans against the islamisation of the West. )

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