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Friday, 6 October 2017

AfD's Alice Weidel visits the Hen House

The following  excerpt comes from a TV program "PRO/CONTRA". I don't know the program, but the accents sound Austrian. The original video is at this link, published by "Das macht die Welt" on 5. Oct. 2017 who introduces the discussion thus:

" ...Alice Weidel AfD enlightens the ignorant ladies from Red/Green about Sharia..."

It's "interesting" (I can't find another polite word for the phenomenon so dominant at the moment) how the "hens" still stridently deny the head butting truth presented by the results of the fact-checks, which confirm that Alice Weidel is telling the truth even while they still make the noises you hear emanating from hen houses all over the country side after their feathered sisters have laid their eggs.....(at least the latter are productive)


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