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Monday, 30 October 2017

Goering's Ghost returns to the German Parliament

A breath of fresh air has hit the fetid  stench which has been  emanating from the  German Bundestag (Parliament) for too long: the new kid on the block is the 4 year old  Party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), whose ambition, for the time being, is to bring Merkel and her gang  to account and to be an effective, patriotic opposition.

The outrage from the rusted-on political bottom-dwellers (euphemistically often referred to as  "Elite") went into overdrive even before the opening of the parliament to a point where they actually emulated Herman Göring, literally. Here is how I understand it: 

Every group in the parliament gets to nominate an MP to be a Vice President. The AfD's choice was the 75 year old Albrecht Glaser. A member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) for 40 years, Glaser helped found the AfD in 2013.

As if that was not enough, Mr. Glaser not only dared mention the " I " word, but he actually dared criticise Islam. AN ISLAMOPHOBE no less !! Cue contrived outrage from the other five groups in the lower house who said that such sentiments make Mr. Glaser  "unfit for the role of vice president of parliament."

What did the erudite and exquisitely articulate AfD MP say about Islam? here he is held up by a gaggle of Merkel Media and gives them an impromptu lesson:

Don't you just LOVE his obvious impatience with the wilfully dense journalists who sing from the same sheet ? ! :)

Anyway, to get to the title of this post: 

It has been a 150 year old German tradition that  the privilege  to give  the opening address to  a new parliament goes to the chronologically oldest MP.  Merkel's Mob was very worried that this honour should fall to 75 y.o. AfD co-founder, Dr. Alexander Gauland, and so,  very quickly, a couple of months before the elections, they cooked up a "new tradition": ie give this honour to the the "longest serving MP" instead - because one could not possibly have an AfD MP open the parliament.

The  chief whip, Dr. Bernd Baumann,  compared this motion by the previous Bundestag, which prevented an AfD lawmaker from giving the opening remarks, to Hermann Göring blocking a communist leader from opening a parliamentary session. I have not translated the whole speech which you can follow here , but the part which inspired the title of this post (Minute 1.30 -2.50) reads:

"... But ladies and gentlemen since 1848 it is a tradition in Germany that the constituent meeting will be opened by the oldest member of the Parliament .... a tradition upheld from the Frankfurt Paulskirche to Gustav Stresemann, from Adenauer to Brandt to Kohl, even to the first Merkel governments.

All Reichstage, all Bundestage could not win the argument of professional seniority, and so for 150 years of parliamentary history, the rule of the (chronologically) oldest president remained untouched...... untouched?

There was one exception. In 1933 Hermann Göring broke the rule because he wanted to exclude political opponents, at that time it was Clara Zetkin ...... Do you want to follow such a slippery path...?..."

Nominations for vice presidencies require the approval of a majority of members of parliament, meaning that candidates need support from MPs outside their own group.

Dr. Albrecht Glaser received 115 in the first round, 123 votes in the second round and 114 votes in the third round, far short of the number needed. But, since the AfD has only 92 seats, there appear to be at least 31 members who are seemingly aware that the Merkel Ship is sinking, or who perhaps are simply honourable. 

Once again, Dr. Alice Weidel gets it !  My hopes for Germany rest on her. 

The "Frau Roth" Dr. Weidel was mentioning hails, of course, from the Greens....here is a little taste of this femme who has also marched with Germany-haters to the  cries of  "Deutschland Verrecke!" ("Germany snuff it !" is a rather mild translation of that very ugly word "verrecken").

Here she is, in full flight: (apologies for the not very good sub-titles...I will improve them soon). :

And these kind of (typical?) Greens will be in Merkel's "Jamaica"  Government:  Mrs. Roth  will be joined by the  Greens "Leader Duo" made up of  a woman called "Göring" - (no kidding) and a "German of Turkish background". Just sayin.....

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  1. Most interesting. I thought I was adept at making things up as I go along but I cannot hold a candle to those German parliamentarians. Hats off to them! Americans have a name for a very tiny ant - piss ant. It's quite polite to use the name. I think it fits the aforementioned parliamentarians perfectly.

    It was said of the British army in WWI that the troops were lions led by donkeys. Even so, the objection was to stupidity, arrogance, and inflexibility. Eventually the leadership adapted and improved their methods. Here you see idiot journalists and politicians cling to ways of thinking that an hour of honest investigation would change forever. It is vitally important for those fools to see Islam as a religion as beautiful and awe inspiring as a Bach cantata. The greasy abuse of "blasphemy" and the requirement of vigilante killing of Muslim apostates they do not see. However, the false picture of Dr. Glaser they see with the optical clarity of the Hubble telescope.